Duluth boy, 5, donates savings to rescue squad


A generous donation has earned a 5-year-old Duluth boy an honorary spot on the St. Louis County Rescue Squad, Northland's News Center reports.

Arthur Goodman sent a letter to the rescue squad along with $8.02, which he saved up to help the unit buy things they needed.

Goodman finished the letter saying, "Someday I hope to work with you," so the squad decided to make his dream come true.

The Duluth News Tribune says the rescue squad consists of about 60 members who volunteer 23,000 hours per year. The squad works in conjunction with the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office to help with wilderness search and rescue, as well as water rescue and recovery.

Squad Captain Tom Crossmon told Northland's News Center that Goodman's donation is "probably the biggest donation that we're going to receive all year because of how much that money meant to that 5-year-old boy, and he thought so much to give it to us."

Goodman was also treated to a tour of the station and gifts for his donation.


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