Duluth company hopes people line up for bags made of Metrodome roof lining

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From two Twins' World Series championships to a Super Bowl, some of the greatest sports moments in Minnesota history have occurred under the Metrodome's roof.

Now a Duluth company is hoping that customers will want to wear the lining of the roof over their shoulders.

The Duluth News Tribune says Duluth Pack, makers of backpacks and outdoor gear, has created a new line of handbags and duffel bags, utilizing the the inner lining of the roof of the Metrodome which collapsed almost three years ago.

Duluth Pack is calling the bags a limited item. They’re available online and at the Duluth store in Canal Park only. The duffel bag is listed at $485 and the shell bag at $160. You'll also be able to check the new bags out at the State Fair at the company's booth in the Dairy Building, reports the Associated Press.

It’s tough as nails,” Duluth Pack President Tom Sega told the Duluth News Tribune, adding it was good for cutting, sewing and riveting. “We found it very durable.”

The AP reports some irony to this story: both bags are not allowed in the Metrodome during Vikings games due to a new NFL rule created in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Metrodome is slated to be torn down following the Vikings 2013 season to make way for a new stadium.

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