Duluth group wants vacant houses repurposed


A group calling itself Open House Duluth plans to go in front of the City Council to ask that vacant homes be purchased and used to house the homeless. The Duluth News Tribune reports that for a few hours on Thursday, more than 50 people in the group occupied a foreclosed home on the city's East side. Duluth Police said the participants had received permission for the action.

The leaders of Open House Duluth said they want the city to use eminent domain to claim vacant houses. The group is also calling for a citywide review of housing stock and will lobby for a “housing as a human right” declaration.

Meanwhile, the Star Tribune reports that foreclosures in the Twin Cities had fallen to the lowest level since 2006, and that the number of foreclosures in the metro area fall well below the national average. RealtyTrac said that during January one in every 869 U.S. housing units received a foreclosure filing during the month compared with one in every 1,244 housing units in Minnesota.

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