Duluth head shop owner proposes deal to end long-burning controversy


The owner of an embattled head shop in downtown Duluth has an all-or-nothing offer for prosecutors to make a long-flickering controversy go away, both for his business and the city: Drop all charges and the Last Place on Earth shop will stop selling synthetic drugs.

Owner Jim Carlson has been under fire and facing an array of charges, mostly related to selling illegal substances. He released a letter Friday morning penned by his lawyer outlining the proposal, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

“This letter will propose a global solution ... enabling us to resolve (the issues) immediately and dispense with what promises to be years of protracted and expensive litigation,” lawyer Randall Tigue wrote in the letter.

The letter is dated June 4 and Carlson says he wanted all the lawyers involved to have a chance to review it before he made it public, the News Tribune reported. The city has had a favorable response to it, and a county attorney had not responded at all. A federal prosecutor offered to drop 60 charges against Carlson but not two of the most serious, which was not acceptable to Carlson.

If all the parties ultimately agreed to the deal, it's not clear that a court would accept it, Northland's Newscenter reported.

Carlson's federal trial is expected to begin in September in Minneapolis.

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