Duluth mayor calls on state AG for help combating synthetic drugs


Duluth Mayor Don Ness is trying to do something about getting more statewide attention and resources to combat what he calls the “growing epidemic of synthetic drugs on our area.”

The Duluth News Tribune reports that Ness has written to Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson before, and his latest missive refers to the attorney general’s office being courteous to such requests in the past, but “unwilling to provide any meaningful assistance in the effort.”

For that, a deputy attorney general responded on May 3 saying no dice in a four-page letter, that the office was too busy, but that he appreciates the frustration the mayor has encountered “in this ordeal,” the paper reports.

But Swanson telephoned Ness Friday afternoon, the paper says, and that he hopes to talk to her next week.

Ness says an epidemic is in the heart of downtown Duluth, centered around a head shop called Last Place on Earth. In related news, the owners of that head shop appeared in court Wednesday to face possible synthetic drug charges.

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