Duluth native snatches up Oscars ... and hands them to presenters


It may have been the 85th edition of the Academy Awards, but it was the first year of a new delivery system for those famous little statuettes: college students. And a Duluth native, Abe Diaz, was among those presenting the awards to the presenters.

Diaz, a chemistry major at DePaul University in Chicago, was among six students selected to take part in the awards show. He was chosen based on his thirty second video answering the question "How will you contribute to the future of movies?"

Most of the winners are film students but Diaz says filmmaking is just a hobby for him, albeit a time-consuming one.

Take a peek at his winning video, produced in Duluth (there's snow!):

Abe and his fellow aspiring filmmakers took over statuette delivery duties from a cadre of women who'd been selected primarily on the basis of looks. A co-producer of the Academy Awards tells Fox News the tradition of a buxom babe carrying out the trophy seemed "very antiquated and kind of sexist, too."

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