Duluth Pack joins with Target as part of 'lumbersexual' men's line

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At Target, they're suddenly focusing on the "lumbersexual."

The Minneapolis-based retailer is teaming with the Duluth-based Duluth Pack (and five others) for a collection aimed at the rugged hipster crowd.

Duluth Pack is part of the Target Collective lineup, six brands that emphasize the "bearded, flannel-wearing, outdoorsy-looking man," as Fast Company Design puts it.

Or, for short, the lumbersexual.

All six brands – Billykirk (whose founders are from Woodbury, Minnesota), Owen & Fred, Taylor Stitch, Duluth Pack, Locally Grown and Terrapin Stationers – emphasize no-nonsense, rugged, locally-made looks.

The products range in price from $10-$270, with "most" coming in at under $100, Target says.

The collection debuted Sunday, and is available online only for now.

So what exactly is lumbersexual?

The term lumbersexual sounds sort of silly, but it's a huge driving force in the fashion world right now.

The LA Times says menswear is growing at a faster rate than women's clothing right now, and it's mainly because males in their 20s and 30s seem to really care about looking sharp.

Lumbersexual is one of the general looks considered in right now.

Duluth Pack itself asked about lumbersexual in a blog post earlier this month, wanting to know if readers thought it was a trend or lifestyle.

"If you come visit Minnesota or Duluth specifically, you will spot a 25 year old and a 65 year old wearing almost identical ensembles," the brand wrote. "Most likely in a plaid wool button down, rugged boots, a Duluth Pack style of some kind, most likely facial hair, and if you’re in the deep woods, we wouldn’t be surprised if an axe and cigar are in hand."

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