Duluth police arrest Last Place on Earth headshop owner, son


The owner of the Duluth head shop the Last Place on Earth and his son were arrested by Duluth police Friday as part of a long-running investigation into synthetic drugs, WDIO-TV reports.

Jim Carlson, 55, and Joseph Gellerman, 34, were arrested after a search warrant was executed by Duluth police and members of the Lake Superior Drug & Violent Crime Task Force. Authorities reportedly took suspected controlled substances, cash, documents and a firearm.

According to WDIO, the raid is the third in the last year and a half. Both men were arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree sale of a controlled substance.

Formal charges in the case are expected to come next week.

Carlson in the past has reportedly insisted that the products he sells at the head shop do not contain banned chemicals.

Carlson and Gellerman, along with two others were indicted on 54 federal counts in December over suspected drug violations. All of the members in the case pleaded not guilty to charges. The trial is set to begin in September.

A judge ruled that the Last Place on Earth was a public nuisance in early January.

Carlson said in February that he was considering on moving the business.

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