Duluth police lack evidence in alleged abduction case


The 16-year-old girl who called police to report her friend had been abducted is the only evidence that police have so far in the investigation.

Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay told the Duluth News Tribune that investigators have not been able to verify the identify of the victim.

The caller said her 14-year-old classmate that was allegedly abducted is named Jessica Martin or Jessica Martineau, but police can't find anyone with that name or anyone from the same school named Jessica who isn't accounted for, the newspaper reports.

Authorities say they have no reason to believe the caller reporting the incident was not being truthful and are continuing to investigate.

On Wednesday evening, the witness called police and said a man in a black Ford Expedition SUV with white rims pulled up to the victim near Lincoln Park. The caller said the man got out of the SUV carrying a police-style baton, forced the 14-year-old into the vehicle and drove away.

"We were talking....and they pulled up and pushed me and grabbed her. My mind was clouded; I was scared," the witness told WDIO.

Three other people were also reportedly in the vehicle.

The suspect is described an American Indian man, about 5 feet 11 inches tall, with black hair in a braid, and was wearing dark clothing and a bandana over his face.

The victim is also believed to be American Indian with long, black hair in a bun. She was reportedly wearing white sunglasses, a green shirt with “Aero” written on it, white leggings, flip-flops and a silver bracelet, according to the witness.

Police say there have been no missing persons reports, no other calls regarding the incident and no other witnesses have come forward.

The newspaper says the alleged abduction was broadcast statewide by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension on the Minnesota Crime Alert Network to law enforcement agencies, truck stops, billboards and more. Police are also working with the FBI.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.