Duluth Public Library is being treated for bed bugs

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Lurking between the tomes and stacks of the Duluth Public Library this week was an unwanted visitor – the bed bug.

Staff at the library on West Michigan Avenue made the discovery on Wednesday, finding a bed bug on the first level of the building.

This prompted a full inspection of the library and that evening a pest management company was called in.

All three floors of the building were treated on Wednesday night so that the library could be open as usual on Thursday.

But the work isn't done yet. The bed bug insecticide they're using needs to be applied three times, one week apart to kill all bugs at various stages of their development.


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That means the treatment team will do two more sprayings in the coming weeks, again taking place overnight so the library can stay open.

"The product takes about one hour to dry," the City of Duluth said in a statement. "Once dry, the space and furniture is safe for use."

This is the first time the library has encountered such an infestation.

The common bed bug feeds on blood, causing itchy bites and general irritation to human hosts, the EPA says.

They are considered a public health pest, though they're not known to transmit or spread disease.

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