Duluth rolls out new fees, rules for mobile food vendors


Rolling eateries in Duluth will have to stay at least 200 feet away from any brick-and-mortar restaurants this summer, the Duluth News Tribune reports. City council members unanimously approved the new regulation Monday night.

Food truck operators will also be required to purchase an annual license of $485 ($175 for food carts) to do business in Duluth.

“This gives us an opportunity to really bring mobile food into the mainstream in Duluth,” Councilor Emily Larson, who authored the new ordinance, told the newspaper.

The new rules come with little reaction from mobile eateries who have already tried to maintain a reasonable setback from other businesses.

However, there is a growing feud between food trucks and restaurants in downtown Minneapolis continues. Earlier this year, the city had no plans to change the rules that govern food trucks.

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