Duluth set a record with all that snow

And more is on the way.

Turns out Duluth set a record after all with the snowstorm that hit Friday. 

The National Weather Service has pulled all the numbers, and the 10.6 inches of snow Duluth got on Friday makes it the snowiest October day on record. The previous record was 10 inches on Oct. 23, 1933. 

The storm brought some pretty high winds that stirred up Lake Superior more than usual, forcing the Water Treatment Plant there to work extra hard to sort out the sediment. Because of that, the City asked residents to conserve water until 6 p.m. Saturday.

Other parts of the state didn't get nearly as much snow, as you can see in this map. Parts of central Minnesota saw a few inches, and southwestern Minnesota barely got anything.

There's more where that came from

 While there aren't any big blizzards in the forecast yet, parts of the state could see some more snow. 

Northeastern Minnesota is expected to get another inch or two this weekend. 

NWS says the Duluth area could see more snow on Monday, and a few other times this coming week. See the week's forecast here

The forecast is similar for parts of central Minnesota near St. Cloud. See more here

As for the Twin Cities, some snowflakes are possible this weekend. But temperatures will be a bit higher so rain is more likely throughout the week. 

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