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Duluth vs. St. Paul: Which city is Minnesota's craft beer capital?


A new billboard proclaiming St. Paul as the craft beer capital of Minnesota isn't sitting well with Duluth's mayor.

The billboard (pictured above) popped up recently on Grand Avenue in West Duluth, Perfect Duluth Day says, with the publication saying it includes "fighting words issued from St. Paul."

That's because Duluth Mayor Don Ness already proclaimed Duluth the craft beer capital of Minnesota back in 2013, penning an open letter published in The Growler.

Ness' proclamation came as Minnesota was undergoing a "craft beer renaissance," which turned into the craft brewery boom the state is experiencing today.

And Ness is sticking to his proclamation.

The Duluth News Tribune spoke to Ness and Terry Mattson, the president and CEO of Visit St. Paul (the company behind the advertising campaign), about the squabble.

Mattson challenges Duluth's title, noting St. Paul's brewing legacy, the number of kegs that come out of the city, and the overall expansion of craft brewing in St. Paul, the Duluth News Tribune notes.

But Ness argues it's not just about production – it's "about craft ethic," which is what "sets Duluth apart," he told the newspaper, adding: "St. Paul is the capital of state government. That’s notable. ... They should stick with that."

Ness noted in another tweet, "Superior = Great."

Mattson told the Duluth News Tribune that he has a personal admiration for Ness, but he doesn't appreciate his trash talk, adding "Bring it on ... Bottoms up!"

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