Duluth zoo plans to expand exhibits after having another strong year

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After a strong year, the Lake Superior Zoo announced plans to expand its fox and monkey exhibits.

Two silver foxes will be on display at the Duluth-area zoo once new amenities, including platforms and furniture, are added to the exhibit, the Duluth News Tribune reports. The zoo will also be expanding an exhibit for two swamp monkeys in the main zoo building.

"They're one of the first animals and exhibits you see when you come into the zoo, so it's bell ringers that are really important that capture everybody's attention when they come in," Julie Thoreson, a co-chair of the Zoo-La-La fundraiser said, according to WDIO.

The zoo exceeded $2 million in revenue last year, up 5.7 percent from 2013, and overall attendance also increased slightly to 86,847, up from 86,814 in 2013, Business North reports.

Last year the zoo added 11 animals, including the birth of four baby lemurs, which helped generate a lot of interest in people visiting the zoo, zoo officials told WDIO.

The zoo is now concentrating on the future, and hopes to add more educational programming and events, reports note.

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