Eagan officers help deliver baby in bathtub


Two Eagan Police Department officers called to help a woman in labor last week got a little more than they bargained for, Fox 9 reports.

Officer Aaron Machtemes and Officer Hugh Curry expected that when they were called to the Morcks' last Tuesday that they'd be there a minute before paramedics arrived. Instead, the woman was already in labor in the family's bathtub and they had to assist with the birth.

Machtemes used his EMT training to remove the cord from the child's neck, and rubbed and tapped the child's back since the baby was "gray and not moving at all" after he was born. After fluid was suctioned from the baby, he started breathing.

Machtemes visited the home again on Saturday to check in on the family, and held the baby, named Isak. He called the incident the greatest moment he's had as a police officer.

Isak's arrival wasn't the only "special delivery" last week. According to the London Daily Mail, a woman gave birth to her son mid-air while aboard a Royal Navy helicopter in the UK as an emergency crew was rushing her to the hospital.

Back home, in July, a Woodbury officer helped a woman deliver her baby on the side of I-94 since she couldn't make it to the hospital in time.


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