Eagan security officer shoots armed robbery suspect dead

Every year, around 70 private security guards die on the job, many of them the result of shootings or assaults.
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A security officer at a warehouse in Eagan shot dead a man he says was attempting an armed robbery early Monday morning.

Eagan police got the call just after midnight, with the security guard reporting that he'd shot a man who was trying to rob him at 985 Aldin Drive, according to an Eagan police press release.

Officers arriving at the scene found a man dead from a gunshot wound. A preliminary investigation found that the man was armed and had assaulted the security guard.

The security officer sustained only minor injuries and did not require any hospital treatment.

According to the Business Journal, 985 Aldin Drive is a 172,849 square foot distribution warehouse that was bought in October 2013 by Meritex, a light industrial company that also has locations in Minneapolis, Rogers, Roseville and several other states.

It was formerly owned by office supplies company Uline.

Police continue to investigate the shooting and say there is no wider threat to the general public.

The risks facing security officers

Given that they are employed to protect something of value or to ensure the safety of large groups of people, the security industry is a dangerous one to work in.

A Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that between 2003 and 2009, six times more security guards died than correctional officers, at a rate of 69.1 deaths each year on average.

While among all workers, the most common causes of fatal injuries are transportation incidents, assaults, contact with objects and equipments, and falls, the rate of fatal assaults among security guards is much higher and account for two-thirds of fatalities.

Training company Private Officer International has a roll call of U.S. security guards that have died on the job, and this year along there have been around six deaths a month – many of them the result of shootings or assaults.

But there has been concern about the level of training that some security guards get, with a CNN and Center for Investigative Reporting probe in 2014 finding there are no federal standards for training security guards, and the instruction in some states can be surprisingly brief.

In California, for example, it found that 54 hours of training is required to become an armed guard, compared to the 400 hours the state stipulates is necessary to become a manicurist.

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