(Very) early 2020 polling finds Al Franken vs. Donald Trump would be a tie

Al Franken has said he won't be running in 2020, which hasn't stopped a pollster testing the waters.

Lord knows nobody really wants another election right now, but it hasn't stopped a polling company from looking at some potential matchups in the 2020 presidential race.

Normally we wouldn't bother which reporting on a poll some three years away from the primaries, but the latest national poll from left-leaning PublicPolicyPolling has an interesting Minnesota angle.

Sen. Al Franken was one of the possible Democratic presidential candidates that was tested up against incumbent President Donald Trump – and found that they are tied equally at 43 percent of voters.

This puts him behind Joe Biden (who polled 54/40 vs. Trump), Sen. Bernie Sanders (50/41) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (46/42).

But nonetheless the Minnesota senator's inclusion in the poll suggests there are some at national level who think he might be in the running, even though he has previously ruled out running for president in 2020.

And while right now he's testing at about the same level as President Trump, the PPP research notes that Franken – despite his Saturday Night Live credentials and recent high-profile performances at Senate confirmation hearings – is not as well-known nationally as Biden and Sanders.

That would change if he were to run for the nomination.

An overriding theme of the PPP poll found that Democratic enthusiasm, galvanized following the election of President Trump, is outstripping that of Republicans at the moment.

Some 63 percent of Democrats said they're "very excited" about voting in the 2018 midterms, compared with only 52 percent of Republicans.

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