Earth Day: 5 really cool images of our planet

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Here are five images that might help inspire you today – Earth Day 2014.

1. We love this video (maybe it's the John Tesh-y music) posted by the site Technocrazed, and assembled using images from the International Space Station.

2. This pic is one of our favorites, partly because it was tweeted by Minnesota astronaut Karen Nyberg, who in November was headed home after six months of orbiting the Earth.

3. We've all seen images of the Northern Lights ... here are the Southern Lights near Australia and Antarctica (NASA image from a Buzzfeed slideshow with a number of other stellar space images.)

4. This was cool. Time magazine spent months lining up permissions to do a photo shoot from the very top of the new World Trade Center.

5. You may have seen this image of our beautiful blue marble today, but it's worth another look. It was taken today from a NOAA satellite. Check out a bigger, high-resolution image here. Happy Earth Day.

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