Ecolab unit freed from Gulf Oil spill lawsuit


Minnesota-based Ecolab Inc.'s Nalco Holding Co. unit, which provided a chemical dispersant after the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, has been dismissed from lawsuits over the incident, Bloomberg reports.

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit over the Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill said the dispersant didn't work well and was more toxic than the oil. But a U.S. District judge has ruled that the federal government was ultimately responsible for use of the chemical.

Ecolab bought Nalco for $8 billion last year, the Business Journal notes.

Here's Nalco's take on its use of the dispersant.

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Pollution from Gulf oil spill shows up on western Minnesota pelicans

Petroleum and the chemical used to clean up the 2010 Gulf oil leak have shown up in the eggs of pelicans that nest in western Minnesota. Swift County is home to North America's largest colony of American White Pelicans, which winter in the Gulf of Mexico. Biologists will monitor how the chicks hatched from polluted eggs develop.

Ecolab eliminating 500 jobs from global workforce

The move is part of a restructuring plan as the St. Paul-based company takes over Nalco Holding Co. The Business Journal reports Ecolab expects it can reduce its workforce largely through attrition. Most of the eliminated postions are corporate administrative jobs. Ecolab also expects these changes to reduce the need for future postions and help reach cost-savings goals.