Eden Prairie boy writes 'sweet apology' to police after accidental 911 call

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It's a source of irritation for police when their time is wasted by unnecessary or mistaken emergency calls, but officers couldn't stay mad at one young caller in Eden Prairie.

In a blog post, Eden Prairie police say they received a call at 5:30 a.m. in mid-November from a cellphone, but nobody responded to the dispatcher's questions.

Officers went to the property the call came from to check that everything was all right, and found the call had come from a young boy named Wyatt who had been playing with his mother's phone.

Officers talked to the boy, explaining why they had responded and when someone should and shouldn't call 911, and left thinking that was the end of it.

But they now know that their message truly sunk in. A short time after their visit to the house they received a letter in the mail from the boy apologizing for his accidental call, which you can read in full above.

Eden Prairie police say they have received 3,549 calls so far this year in which the caller hangs up or the line is left open, and they require effort from dispatchers and officers to check whether there is an emergency going on.

They also have advice for parents who think it's safe to give children old phones that no longer have service – as these can still make 911 phone calls. The only way to disable a phone is to remove its battery.

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