Eden Prairie officer rescues large turtle trying to cross the highway


Why did the turtle cross the highway?

An Eden Prairie police officer spotted a large turtle crossing Highway 212 near Mitchell Road Sunday, but wanted to make sure the animal didn't get hit before it reached the other side.

The officer called for assistance, and Community Service Officer Spencer Barrie was dispatched to the scene.

Barrie picked up the turtle from the highway, set it in the back of his truck, and relocated the reptile, police said in a news release.

The turtle is estimated to be about 2 feet long and weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.

"We appreciate all that our CSOs do for our residents, both human and animal," the release said.

Eden Prairie's Community Service Officers are tasked with responding to both domestic and wild animal control calls as well as medical calls, directing traffic, handling booking procedures and enforcing ordinances like parking.


The turtle was most likely a snapping turtle, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' website.

Snapping turtles are the largest species of turtle in Minnesota. They are commonly found in lakes, rivers and marshes. You can read more about snapping turtles here.

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