Eden Prairie police officers help deliver baby boy


Two police officers in Eden Prairie have been dealing with a different kind of custody – as they helped deliver a baby just outside its mother's home.

Eden Prairie Police Department says the officers – who have not been identified – were on patrol when an emergency call was made this past Saturday not far from where they were.

They arrived at the house to find a woman in labor on the kitchen floor, with an ambulance arriving a short time after.

"At that point, the baby decided it couldn't wait," it says in a police department a blog post. "The officers assisted the paramedics in delivering the baby inside the ambulance while it was parked outside the woman's residence."

Their help proved invaluable, as the mother delivered a "healthy, full-term baby boy."

The pair have a combined 17 years of experience at the department, and while they have received emergency medical training for their roles, they also had to rely on "their instincts as fathers" to help them deliver the baby.

The department says it is the first time they have ever had to deliver a child, though a commenter on its Facebook page suggests that one of them had been in the situation before.

Other commenters praised the officers, with one saying: "That's what I call a great day at work and public service at its finest."

Another suggested bearing in mind who the real hero was on the day: "Congrats to the EPPD officers and while your role was important, the mom did all the hard work."

The two officers were given EPPD "stork pins" in recognition of their involvement.

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