Eden Prairie shooting victim has bullet lodged in brain, suspect charged

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A man accused of shooting a truck driver in the head outside a grocery store in Eden Prairie – leaving him with a "bullet lodged in his brain" – has been charged.

Hennepin County prosecutors charged Kelly N. Anderson, 28, of Albertville, Minnesota, of attempted first-degree murder after an alleged robbery attempt in the parking lot of Jerry's Foods on Saturday left a 58-year-old Wisconsin man in critical condition.

A criminal complaint filed by prosecutors says the victim was conscious when police arrived at the store in the 9600 block of Anderson Lakes Parkway shortly after 5 a.m. on Saturday. He told them that he was sleeping in his truck when his attacker entered the cab and demanded his truck, before assaulting and shooting him.

The truck driver was shot in the face, with the bullet entering near his mouth and moving up into his brain. At the time the complaint was filed, doctors at Hennepin County Medical Center were attempting to remove the bullet.

Anderson was arrested less than an hour after the shooting, the complaint says, when a Minnesota state trooper spotted him walking along Highway 169.

He allegedly told the trooper he was walking because his car and his registered handgun had been stolen at gunpoint outside a bar in Bloomington, a statement that he later admitted was a lie, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors also revealed that help for the gunshot victim could have been there an hour earlier, had an earlier witness not thought he was drunk.

An employee of Jerry's Foods told police they arrived at the store at 4 a.m. and saw the victim lying on the ground near his semitrailer, and didn't help him thinking he was intoxicated. It was not until another employee arrived at 5 a.m. that the authorities were contacted.

The Star Tribune reports that Anderson's bail has been set at $1 million.

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