Edina cop attacked after pulling over wanted driver, gets help from bystanders


An Edina cop is back on the beat after being attacked during a traffic stop that was anything but routine.

According to a representative of the Edina Police Department, the officer was suddenly pounced upon by the driver of a vehicle he had pulled over Monday afternoon. What followed was a dramatic brawl involving two suspects, two police departments, and a number of bystanders.

It was destined to be a short fight, however; it turns out the officer had called for backup before pulling over the vehicle, having run its plates and noticed there was a warrant out for the owner's arrest, the police official told BringMeTheNews.

Additionally, he managed to call for help during the assault, prompting nearby units from the Richfield Police Department to respond.

Help also came in the form of some bystanders who had noticed the officer being attacked; reports say they jumped into the fray to render assistance.

The assailant was apprehended, as was the passenger, who apparently exited the vehicle at some point, the police representative said.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of West 66th Street and York Avenue, KSTP reports.

The station says the officer was not injured in the attack and was soon back to work.

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