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Edina grinch: Camera catches man stealing package off porch


A man was caught on a home surveillance video stealing a newly delivered package from an Edina front porch, FOX 9 reports.

Of course, such thefts are common in the digital-shopping age. Police nationwide report an uptick in packages pilfered from porches, NBC's Today show reported.

But it's rarer that the thief is caught on camera. The brazen grinch in Edina walked up to the house in broad daylight and strolled away with a package from Amazon about 30 minutes after it had been delivered, homeowner Ehren Seim told FOX.

The thief may be disappointed – he got away with a box containing patio furniture covers. But it was still upsetting, Seim told FOX. "You don't expect it," Seim said. "So, you feel violated."

Travelers Insurance notes that "porch pirates" sometimes follow delivery trucks, watching for prime targets and often strike during working hours when people aren't home.

Police have a few suggestions that include requiring a signature for deliveries; having packages delivered to a friend or relative who is home during the day, a shipping center or your workplace; and asking neighbors to pick up packages.

Or you could do what this Arizona man did - use humor in an attempt to shame the burglar, and maybe reap a little international attention in the process.

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