Edina police: Traffic citations cut crime

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Edina for several years has been among the undisputed champs for traffic citations, writing more tickets per capita for drivers than any other city in the metro.

It was Edina officers who somewhat famously cited Vikings star Adrian Peterson in 2009 for driving 109 mph.

And an analysis by WCCO earlier this year showed Edina officers wrote more speeding tickets per capita in 2011 — 8,700 — than officers in 84 other metro police departments.

But there's a good reason behind all those citations, Edina's police chief said – traffic tickets cut crime.

“When we work really hard, sometimes people get mad at that,” outgoing Edina Police Chief Jeff Long told Patch, “but there’s a direct correlation between traffic enforcement and crime reduction because if people are seeing cops, they’re going to remember that.”

Is there anything to that? Yes, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a report called "Looking Beyond the Ticket."

Slate in a 2009 piece also reported that studies have shown that traffic stops in many cases lead to bigger busts, and possibly, to fewer fatal crashes.

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