Edina residents don't want taxes to pay for outdoor winter sports facility


Edina has plans to transform part of the city-owned golf course into an area for winter sports.

And apparently not all of the neighbors are happy about it.

Last year, the city of Edina approved a "master plan" for the Braemar Golf Course in Edina, according to its website. The course will be going from 27 holes down to 18, which frees up land to use for other purposes.

The most popular idea for the extra space is an outdoor winter sports area.

The city put out a proposal to add manmade snow and trails for cross country skiing, tubing, snowshoeing, and biking. A project that would cost an estimated $3 million.

Then the city began conducting a $130,000 feasibility study of the project. The study looks at trail design, financial feasibility, snowmaking engineering and overspray and noise studies, along with an estimated project budget, Edina Parks and Recreation Director Ann Kattreh told BringMeTheNews.

Kattreh said the study will be completed in August and the city council will be receiving the study and considering the project at the council meeting on Sept. 7.

If the project is approved, the facilities will open in December 2017. More details and photos of the project are presented here.

But some local residents are critical of the project

One resident who lives near the golf course told the Star Tribune the project is "too large, too expensive, too disruptive and is being pushed through too quickly."

There is an online forum for Edina residents to voice their feedback about the upcoming project here. Some of the concerns include high environmental costs, displacing wildlife, burdens on the people living nearby, and the high price tag being paid by taxpayer's money.

One person wrote: "Residents do not want snow machines spraying ice crystals onto nearby roadways during the winter. We don't want to hear snow-making machines working overnight, introducing noise pollution, nor do we want night lighting (light pollution) paid for by our tax dollars."

There's also a petition on Change.org to "Keep Edina's Braemar Green and Safe." It has 220 supporters as of Friday afternoon.

According to the city's preliminary estimates, the tax impact to a median single family home would be approximately $20 a year.

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