Edina to tighten regulations on oversized homes


Nearly 100 homes in Edina were torn down last year and replaced by new ones, most too large for their lots. Complaints from residents are on the rise and city officials are looking to tighten its zoning rules, the Star Tribune reports.

In the Morningside neighborhood, neighbors have complained of retaining walls and basement egress windows that were built right up to the lot lines.

Some have complained about the loss of sunlight. The city tightened limits on home height in 2007 and may need to revisit the issue again this year.

A lot designed for a bungalow built in the 1920s has a much different feel than a big new home "that you could reach out a window and shake your neighbor's hand," said Morningside resident Scott Smith, who will present suggestions to the Planning Commission.

Floyd Gabriel, planning commission chairman, tells the newspaper that Edina's curse is that it's a very desirable place to live. The challenge is to encourage responsible redevelopment in residential areas and discourage developers from building to the max.

This video from 2007 shows the home construction and highlights complaints from residents.

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