Election bombshell: Minnesota's youngest mayor ousted by Utah 4-year-old


Of all the election shocks seen in Minnesota this week, this is perhaps the biggest – and the smallest.

James Tufts, the 4 year old who hit the headlines worldwide last year when he became the youngest person ever to be elected mayor in Minnesota, has been ousted in the latest mayoral election in the tiny town of Dorset, in Hubbard County.

ABC 6 reports James failed to follow his brother Robert, now 7, in becoming a two-term mayor of the town (population: 24), despite his older sibling's election campaign advice of "No poopie talk."

He faced some stiff competition, not least from Machiavellian 2-and-a-half-year-old Ava Sitz, who was aiming to set a new record for the youngest mayor and ran on a Bernie Sanders-esque policy of "free puppies and kittens."

Tufts meanwhile felt his record spoke for itself, though it didn't stop him from exhibiting some Trump-like confidence when asked by WDAY why he felt his term was "going so great."

"Because I'm being so awesome," he said.

In the end, the new Mayor of Dorset isn't even from Minnesota, with 4-year-old Gwendolyn Davis of Salt Lake City, Utah, having her named pulled from the hat on Monday.

In Dorset's electoral system, one dollar gets your name in the hat – and subsequent dollars buy additional entries.

Tufts, who angrily commented "just hate that" after learning his reign was over, will consider running again next year, perhaps becoming a one-issue candidate planning a temporary ban on Utah residents traveling to Dorset.

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