Electric car charging parking spaces coming to more Target stores

It's collaborating with companies including Tesla on the expansion.
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Expect to find electric car charging parking spaces at more Target stores in the future.

The Minneapolis retailer has announced that in collaboration with existing partners ChargePoint and Tesla, and new partner Electrify America, it'll be rolling out parking lot charging stations at more than 100 stores.

In the next two years, it will see the creation of 600 electric car parking spaces across 20 states.

Currently, it has electric vehicle charging stations at 18 sites across 5 states, including at its corporate HQ locations in downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park.

While the locations of the 100 stores that will get them in the next 24 months have not yet been revealed, Target told BMTN it will include some Minnesota stores.


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Target steps up eco-friendly efforts

The charging point expansion is a move Target is taking to further boost its eco-credentials.

It's already the top corporate user of solar energy, as awarded last week, and is working towards becoming a 100 percent renewable company.

At the same time, it's also looking to jump on the eco-friendly efforts of its customers, recognizing that electric cars will increasingly become the norm on American roads.

It says more than 1 million electric cars are expected to be sold by 2020 and ten years later, it estimates 1 in every 4 cars sold will be electric.

"Many guests tell us they love the environmental benefits, but some hesitate to make the switch over worries about convenience," Target said.

'So adding charging stations at Target stores—where guests can drive up, plug in, and shop while their car charges—makes a lot of sense. "

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