Elusive black bear spotted again in Savage


A black bear that was spotted hanging around Savage over Memorial Day weekend was believed to be seen again near Harriet Bishop Elementary, prompting the school to have parents come pick up kids that typically walk or bike home, the school said on its website Thursday.

A roughly 2-year-old black bear has been eluding capture this week. It was seen at the Town and Country Campground on Friday, following a number of reported sightings earlier in the day, according to a release on the city's website.

Officers eventually located the bear, where it was shot by an officer and fled into a wooded area. The bear was next seen on Monday, but officials weren't able to find the bear, the city says.

On Thursday, the bear was seen near the school and also near businesses on Vernon Avenue, but it disappeared into the woods, WCCO reports.

The school is about three miles away from the campground, the Star Tribune reports.

Officials have been working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to locate the bear. The city says that if someone spots the bear, they should keep their distance and call 911 right away to report the animals location.

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