Email for state and local employees back online after daylong outage


An email outage that affected some 50,000 state and local government employees around Minnesota Wednesday has been resolved.

The state's IT services department (MN.IT) said in a news release that email service was restored Wednesday at about 8:15 p.m., after being interrupted since 1 a.m.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports the email system went down early Wednesday due to a glitch in the Microsoft Exchange email system the employees use.

It affected thousands of state workers as well as employees of cities, counties and some school districts around Minnesota.

They couldn't receive emails that were sent from people outside the state's internal network. Emails sent between state agencies weren't affected by the outage.

The outage occurred as Microsoft was updating the email program, according to MN.IT, which added that the problem was not caused by a security breach or a hacker.

Members of the public who sent email to the affected recipients most likely received a reply saying their messages were not received. Now that the email service is back up, MN.IT recommends they simply resend their email.

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