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Embattled Duluth head shop pays for 200 tattoo ads


Duluth’s most controversial business is making headlines again, this time with an unusual ad campaign, the Duluth News Tribune reports. The Last Place on Earth, a downtown head shop, is paying for tattoos with the words “Last Place on Earth," and so far about 200 people have had their arms, hands, necks and thighs emblazoned with the shop's name.

Jim Carlson, the store’s owner, said he covers the cost of the tattoo up to $150. He also offers up to $130 worth of “incense” — a euphemism for one form of synthetic drug — to anyone who gets the tats, the News Tribune reports.

“They’re actually getting beautiful pieces of work with our name or LPOE incorporated into it,” Carlson told the newspaper.

The Last Place on Earth has been at odds with city officials and police, mostly over the sale of synthetic drugs.

Among the most recent chapters in the shop's saga: Authorities last month arrested owner Carlson and his son, Joseph Gellerman, as part of a long-running investigation into synthetic drugs.

Five more charges have been added to a criminal complaint alleging that Carlson sold an illegal synthetic stimulate, Northland's Newscenter reported Wednesday.

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