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Empty toy aisles at the Fergus Falls Target – right before Christmas

Shoppers were shocked and disappointed to see the barren shelves at their only Target.

The toy aisle looks like it's been pilfered.

Nothing sits on the shelves. Empty hooks protrude from their support holes. End caps are barren.

This is the scene for shoppers at the Fergus Falls Target this week. In the days leading up to Christmas, entire aisles of the toy department are empty. One guest, Jody Pederson, posted video to Facebook:

"How sad," wrote one person in the comments. "Poor people that don't get paid or have the money to do any shopping until right before Christmas won't have anything to choose from."

The story was first picked up by Valley News Live, which reported the items were packed up and shipped to other Target locations.

That's also what Pam Forer, who shared the photo at the top of the story, said she heard from a Fergus Falls Target employee.

The city also has a Walmart Supercenter, but not many other toy options; there's a Goodwill, a Ben Franklin, Biffley's & Bookmark, and a few additional spots.

But the closest Target otherwise? It's 50 minutes away, in Alexandria.

Target says it will refill the shelves

On Wednesday morning, a spokesperson for Target said they "regret" shoppers in Fergus Falls "were disappointed to find a limited toy assortment at their local store." 

"We are replenishing inventory at the Fergus Falls store now. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused our guests," the spokesperson added.

But why did this happen to Fergus Falls? Target wouldn't comment on that specifically.

The Fergus Falls location is slated to close on Feb. 3 because of poor sales, one of two stores in Minnesota getting the ax that day. But if the other (in Hastings) is suffering from the same toy department shortage, nobody has posted about it online.

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