End in sight?: 70s on tap for next week

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After days of rain and unseasonably chilly weather, forecasters say we’re finally in for a big warm-up starting this weekend.

Weather Nation Meteorologist Paul Douglas says skies are expected to brighten Friday, with temperatures reaching into the upper 50s Saturday and Sunday.

“Next week should at least partially restore your faith in a Minnesota spring," he says. "I can't wait until friends and family start griping about the heat."

The good news continues on MPR News meterologist Paul Huttner’s blog, where he says it’ll be very close to average for early May next week, with average highs in the Twin Cities at 67 degrees:

He says high pressure could push temperatures into the 70s by next Thursday.

And it looks like the warm weather is coming just in time.

Some desperate Minnesotans took to Twitter Thursday to complain about the cold, damp weather:

But there were some who chose to see the glass half full, like Mankato meteorologist Mark Tarello:

Tarello's right. It is Minnesota. Maybe a slight chill and light rain aren't so bad after all?

But don't get the champagne glasses out just yet. MPR's Paul Huttner warns we could see more rain next week, even storms:

It’s early, but a few severe storms could be in the cards by the middle of next week. Something to keep an eye on.

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