Enjoy it now – this will be the warmest it'll be until probably April

Winter is coming.

Enjoy it while it lasts. This will be the warmest week we have until next spring.

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities tweeted that on Tuesday, reminding all of us that winter is coming. 

But at least we'll have what the agency calls a top five weather week before it snows, making it the perfect time to go leaf peeping or enjoy some other outdoor activities.

The forecast shows temperatures will be in the 60s in northern Minnesota and 70s in the southern part of the state through Friday, and there will be plenty of sunshine. 

Weather like this is more common in early September than in mid-October, the weather service notes. The average high on Oct. 17 for Minneapolis is 61.4 degrees, while Duluth's typical high temp for that date is 54.7 degrees. 

The next time it'll get near the 70s in the Twin Cities likely won't be until April

But it won't last long. This weekend and into next week we'll see more normal temps for October – and with that comes the chance for rain starting on Saturday, the weather service says. 

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Stretch of record highs this week... enjoy!

According to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, parts of Minnesota will get a taste of May weather this week. Some clouds and light rain will linger Monday before a stretch of record high temperatures in the 60s and 70s moves in for the rest of the work week. That's about 30 degrees above normal.