Enough already! Icebergs spotted on Lake Superior


It's the first week of June, and there's STILL ice on Lake Superior. DNR Marine Warden Amie Egstad spotted several floating icebergs – which were a nice resting spot for a large number of seagulls – while doing a routine check of commercial fishing nets in the big lake. She and colleague Lynna Gurnoe were on a boat near Madeline Island Friday, when the air temperature was around 80 degrees.

"There was this big iceberg, along with other ice packs and bergs, floating around the backside of Madeline Island area east towards Saxon Harbor," she reported back to the DNR.

The two brought their boat closer for a better look.

Check out a few of their photos -- which are more proof that winter just doesn't want to let go.

According to a National Geographic report, the summer temperatures of the Great Lakes are expected to be colder than average this year because more than 90 percent of the lakes's surfaces were covered in ice during this past winter, WCCO reports.

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