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EPA again delays new emissions rules for taconite plants


Minnesota's taconite industry remains in the dark about what new pollution control rules will look like. For the third time the Environmental Protection Agency has extended a deadline to issue new regulations.

The delay - like the last time the agency postponed a decision - prompted speculation that the EPA is working with state and industry officials in hopes of crafting a compromise.

Federal officials have said guidelines put forth by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency would not do enough to curb the haze building over northeastern Minnesota. After rejecting the state plan, the EPA was scheduled to issue its own regulations last month. But now the time frame looks pointed toward mid-January.

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Federal regulators say Minn. taconite plants must cut emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is imposing new air pollution regulations for the taconite industry in northern Minnesota that go beyond state regulations. The Duluth News Tribune reports the new federal rules require plants to install technology to reduce smokestack emissions that cause haze and lung ailments.

EPA, taconite industry spar over air pollution regulation

A plan to reduce pollution from taconite plants in northern Minnesota has industry officials up in arms. The Environmental Protection Agency has stepped in to regulate sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emmissions, a job state agencies have not been able to enforce. Taconite industry officials say the tougher regulations are unavailable and too-expensive.