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Equifax may have had another cyber attack

Come on now, this is getting ridiculous.

Equifax is in the spotlight again after it pulled one of its customer help pages as it investigates another possible cyber attack.

This can best describe the reaction of the 145 million Americans whose data has already been compromised by the credit reporting bureau:

The company confirmed to Reuters it had taken one of its customer help web pages offline after a possible breach was found on Wednesday.

Independent security analyst Randy Abrams found that the page was under the control of attackers who were trying to trick visitors into installing a phony Adobe Flash update that would infect their computers with Malware.

He reported this hack to Ars Technica, which has more information here.

Here's a video showing what the phony Flash update looked like on the Equifax site.

It comes as thousands of consumers have been checking the Equifax website to find out if they've been impacted by the initial data breach and figure out what to do next.


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It's the latest in a series of setbacks for the company, one of the three major agencies that collect consumers' financial histories and give them credit scores that are used to determine their eligibility for credit products.

Much of the anger over the initial breach surrounds the fact that consumers have little choice about Equifax collecting information about their financial transactions, before selling access to it to banks, credit card firms and landlords.

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken has been among those tearing into Equifax in Washington, saying American consumers aren't able to take their business – or personal information – elsewhere.

"That's because those consumers aren't actually your customers; they are your product."

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