Euphoric Twin Cities Republicans toast Donald Trump victory

Euphoric scenes greeted Donald Trump's shock election victory as Twin Cities Republicans joined to watch the results in Bloomington.

Euphoric scenes greeted Donald Trump's election victory as Twin Cities Republicans joined to watch the results in Bloomington.

A crowd that grew steadily all night started roaring in earnest the moment FOX News declared Trump won Wisconsin and continued into the late hours of the night.

There were signs early on that a Trump victory could be on the cards as the incredibly close race in Florida unfolded, and further wins in North Carolina and Ohio put the GOP's nominee on the track to victory.


Corinne Braun, 54, of St. Louis Park, a computer consultant who wasn't politically active up until a couple of years ago, was left dumbfounded by his probable win.

"Unbelievable," she said. "Euphoria."

"I've been a Trump volunteer since February and it has been really hard, I've worked relentlessly to promote Trump against all naysayers.

"It's so important that we have this, we so urgently need this for our country," she continued, putting Trump's victory down to: "We the people who understand how our country is being destroyed from within."

But not everyone was surprised, including 31-year-old Chad Geyen, of Minneapolis, who said: "I think I did expect it, I think the media did not expect it. I'm not as surprised as some."

After a divisive election campaign that has seen the country polarize, Geyen added that he hopes Trump works to unite the country.

Among those making an appearance on the podium was Rep. Erik Paulsen, who retained the 3rd District earlier in the evening.

"People don't feel the country is going the way it should be going," he said, before adding. "I think we need to reflect tonight, voters are speaking loudly. They are speaking clearly. They want to fix a broken Washington. They want to see some things done."

Rep. Tom Emmer, who comfortably retained his seat in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, said to roars of approval: "Hey, if the Cubs can win the World Series after 108 years, Minnesota can turn red for the night."

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