Even Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets pulled over for speeding

But would you really expect a Nascar champion to go the speed limit?
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Even though he's taking a break from racing right now, Dale Earnhardt Jr. still loves to drive fast.

So fast that he was pulled over for speeding in Texas on Sunday.

The Nascar champion was on his way to Texas Motor Speedway for the AAA Texas 500 when a cop stopped him, The Charlotte Observer said.

But the officer must have been a fan or feeling generous, because it seems he got off with just a warning.

Earnhardt Jr.'s fiancee Amy Reimann tweeted a photo of the incident:

When someone on Twitter asked Earnhardt Jr. how fast he was going, he joked, "Not fast enough."

Earnhardt Jr. started having concussion-like symptoms in late July, CBS said, which is why he said he'll miss the rest of the racing season.

But he's still doing race appearances, and plans to be back for the Daytona 500 next season, ESPN says.

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