Even Donald Trump wants to follow a cute kittens Twitter account

Donald Trump was following Reince Priebus, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren ... and Emergency Kittens.

The soon-to-be president of the United States, Donald Trump, follows less than 50 accounts on Twitter. They're all pretty much exactly who you'd expect – family members, Mike Pence, Trump-related businesses, and some journalists (most of them tied to Fox News).

Except for one account he briefly started following over the weekend, only to unfollow a few hours later: @EmrgencyKittens.

Emergency Kittens has 1.85 million followers, and tweets out cute cat photos and GIFs. That's pretty much it.

And for some reason, it became the 43rd account followed by President-elect Trump. User YESCANADIAN on Reddit posted a screengrab to /r/the_donald. Another user has an archived screengrab.

Places like the UK's Mirror and the New York Post picked it up, and Emergency Kittens even sent the president-elect a DM – starting a joke.

But the fun was short-lived.

Trump stopped following @EmrgencyKittens just a few hours after adding it to his timeline. As you can see Monday morning, he's back down to following 42 accounts.

Trump and his wife Melania do not have any pets, and they'd be the first first family in 150 years to enter the White House sans an animal pal. Though a Florida philanthropist in December offered a Goldendoodle to the Trumps, if they'd like to adopt it, the Washington Post reported.

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