'Evil Samaritans' stopped to help a crashed driver, then robbed him, charges say

They took the driver's cellphone and wallet, and left him shoeless in the snow.
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A good deed turned into an evil one in St. Paul earlier this week when two men offered to help a crashed driver, but instead robbed him.

The driver crashed into a light pole near Johnson Parkway and Magnolia Avenue in St. Paul just before midnight Sunday, and two men stopped to offer help as he tried to get his SUV out of the snow, charges filed this week say.

But instead of helping, one of the men pulled out a gun (later revealed to be a BB gun), pointed it at the driver and said, "Give me everything in your pockets!"

Not only did they steal the driver's Galaxy S7 and wallet, they also took his Nike Air Foamposite Pro Gucci shoes (worth $230), leaving him shoeless in the snow.

Criminal complaints against the two men – Cory Harden, 23, of St. Paul, and Shawn Rodriguez-Young, 21, of Minneapolis – describe them as "evil Samaritans."

The two suspects then drove away, the charges say – though they didn't get far. The victim called in the robbery after flagging down a passing car, and police found a vehicle matching the description just over an hour later.

Inside they found Young and Harden in the vehicle with two other men. The victim could not identify the other men as having been involved in the incident, the charges say.

Also found in the car was a pair of Nike shoes, the victim's phone, his wallet and his identification and credit cards, according to the complaint.

Both Harden and Young have been charged with one count of aggravated robbery, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

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