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Ex-Bachmann aide accused of theft gets community service


A misdemeanor theft charge against a former senior legislative assistant to Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will likely be dismissed.

Javier Sanchez, 37, of Arlington, Va. was arrested and fired last month after being accused of stealing cash from Bachmann's congressional office.

The Star Tribune says a Washington, D.C., Superior Court judge will drop the charge if Sanchez completes 32 hours of community service by Dec. 19.

If Sanchez fails to complete his sentence, he could be prosecuted further.

In a June sting operation, U.S. Capitol Police installed a camera in Bachmann's office and left bait money after several thefts were reported this year at the Rayburn House Office Building.

According to an affidavit, surveillance video captured a man, later identified as Sanchez, take $80 in cash from a desk drawer. He was also spotted sitting at an office scheduler's desk, where $120 was placed.

All the cash was later discovered missing and police linked Sanchez to the theft.

Sanchez denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty to the charge. The Hill reports Sanchez was sentenced to the community service as part of a deferred prosecution agreement with the government.

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