Expect a normal Sunday this weeke-OMG HATCHIMALS

Hatchimals are coming to Target. They will not last long.

Kids have been losing their minds over Hatchimals this holiday season, and parents have been losing their own mind just to find one for their mind-losing kid.

Well, here's a decent chance to address that.

Hatchimals will be flowing into Target stores around the country starting Sunday.

The retailer says locations will start to get "dozens" of the Furby-meets-Tamagotchi toys beginning that day, with inventory getting put on shelves throughout the week.

Hatchimals are $59.99. Target is limiting them to two per person.

If you can't wait that long, CNBC says Walmart announced Thursday night it's putting Hatchimals out at about 1,700 stores – those are expected to sell out fast, since they're $48.88 there and the retailer has no limit. Toys R Us got some in last weekend, and were quickly cleaned out.

Your other option is to pay more than $100 (possibly way more) for a still-in-the-egg Hatchimal on places like Ebay or Craigslist. (Already-hatched Hatchimals go for less, but once they've broken out of the egg, there's no reliving that moment again – replacement eggs don't exist.)

And if you haven't seen it, they literally beak-punch their way out of the eggs when you first get them, and it can take awhile.

Once they're out, you have to help them "eat," and you can teach them to do things as they go through the stages of life – from baby, to toddler, to kid.

The demand for these things has been off the charts. Even Hatchimals, in a pop-up message on its site, acknowledges it exceeded expectations. They don't want people to be disappointed this holiday season, and don't support people selling them for inflated prices online.

But the Hatchimals that will be ready this December are expected to fly off shelves, the company says.

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