Expect to see cheap 4K TVs, iPhone X deals this Black Friday

A consumer website's predictions for the year's biggest shopping day.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are still two months away, but if you're already saving up for some cut-price deals, here's an idea of what to expect.

BestBlackFriday.com has made some early predictions for sales come the biggest shopping day of the year, which tends to be dominated by heavy discounts on electronics.

Anticipation among gadget-lovers will be heightened this year considering November will also see the release of the new, $1,000 iPhone X, on the third of the month.

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Will the iPhone X be discounted?

If you're planning on picking up the new, premium iPhone the day it goes on sale, BestBlackFriday suggests it might pay to wait a few weeks.

That's because the site expects at least some retailers to offer incentives to buy the iPhone X from them rather than the Apple store, without reducing the cost of the actual phone itself.

For example, it predicts that someone will offer a $300 store gift card if you buy an installment plan for the iPhone X with 0 percent down.

Similarly, it expects the new iPhone 8 and 8-Plus will be offered with a $250 gift card.

What else will be cheap?

If you're in the market for a 4K television you could be in luck, as that's the product BestBlackFriday thinks will see some of the biggest discounts.

Larger televisions, both among brand names and off-brand, will see the biggest discounts. It's possible you could get your hands on an off-brand 70-inch 4K television for less than $750.

If you're looking a bit smaller, DealNews predicts that "doorbuster" deals will include 55-inch 4K televisions for as low as $239.

The website says that 4K TVs will almost be as cheap as regular 1080p HDTVs, so it's probably worth paying that little bit extra for the better picture quality.

Also heavily discounted will be video game consoles, particularly older Xbox Ones.

With the release of the Xbox One X in November, BestBlackFriday says there will be bundle deals for the Xbox One S ranging from $180 to $230 – a reduction of up to $120.

There will also be deals on PlayStation 4s and Nintendo Switches, but they're expected to be smaller discounts.

When will we know more?

Expect to start seeing "leaks" of Black Friday ads from some of the major retailers (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon) during the first 10 days of November, BlackFriday.com reports.

Some others are known for giving previews of their Black Friday deals as early as October. You can check BlackFriday.com's list of when retailers released their official Black Friday sales the past two years to get an idea.

But while some retailers will offer buyers the chance to make Black Friday purchases early, typically from Nov. 1 onwards, BestBlackFriday suggests waiting until the middle of the month when the better pre-Black Friday sales starts.

As for the proper Black Friday sales, they seem to be starting earlier and earlier every year, with the consumer website suggesting you start shopping for deals the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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