Explosive devices found on playground at Minnesota school


Police in southern Minnesota are asking for the public's help after explosive devices were found on an elementary school playground.

On March 24, police found two "very small homemade explosive devices" on a playground at Hartley Elementary in Waseca. One had been detonated, but the other failed to ignite, according to the Waseca County News. On Friday, the school contacted police again because they found another device on the same playground, and this one was inside a stuffed animal, WCCO said.

"The same type of small homemade explosive, which had detonated, appeared to have been inside the toy. Like the first two, the explosive device appeared to be old and may have turned up as a result of melting snow and recent rain," police said, according to the newspaper.

No one was injured in either of these incidents, which police believe are connected.

Police looked on the school's campus for other devices, but didn't find any. Officials said there is still a lot of snow on the ground, which could be covering them up, if there are more.

The devices have to be lit by an open flame to detonate, the newspaper said.

"Although it is disturbing that one of the devices was placed inside a child’s toy, we currently have no indication there was intent to leave the toy on the playground, undetonated, in order to injure a child," Police said in a press release.

Police are hoping the public can help identify the person or people who created and detonated the devices. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Waseca Police Department at 507-835-9720.

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