Extra security on U of M campus this weekend


The University of Minnesota is increasing security, according to the Minnesota Daily. Last weekend, four separate robberies occurred between 1 and 5 a.m. Sunday. In each case, a group of men approached students and robbed them of wallets and cell phones.

Extra patrols this weekend will be looking for the suspects in those incidents, three of which are said to be related.

The University of Minnesota Police Department will be working with Minneapolis and Metro Transit officers Saturday and Sunday, many of them in plain clothes.

Police called the university campus a "target-rich environment," according to MPR News. Officials said that's because many students have cell phones out, earbuds in, and a buzz on.

"We typically have a few robberies every fall," said University of Minnesota Deputy Police Chief Charles Miner ...but it is unusual to have this many, particularly with this many suspects involved."

Officials say students should not commute alone at night, and should be mindful of their surroundings. There is also a free security monitor service with officers available to escort students to or from campus.

Extra patrols will continue as needed after this weekend, police said.

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