Eyes on the road? Yes, when a few thousand potatoes spill

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Sure, northwestern Minnesota's reputation for potatoes is spreading.

But on Monday it was spreading all over Interstate 94 near Rothsay.

When a semi overturned and spilled thousands of spuds onto the road, the State Patrol responded by closing the eastbound lanes.

Then – without a snowflake in sight – the plows were called out to help clean up the mess.

And troopers snapped a few photos to preserve this potato oopsie for posterity.

Well, as we sometimes say in Minnesota, it could've been worse.

They could've been instant mashed potatoes. Which really did spill all over a highway in England last year. The road's moisture instantly made the potato mix do its thing, leading to a slippery mess (right) the local authorities described as "a skating rink," the Independent reported.

Plows, fire hoses, and even chemicals to freeze the goop were deployed for that mess.

Monday's impromptu spudfest on I-94 caused no injuries – except for the cuts and bruises to potatoes.

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