Facebook connects woman with birth father, who lives 2 miles away

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The power of social media. It took 23 years, but a Monticello woman finally tracked down her birth father.

Stefanie Faber, 24, found her father, Matthew Lindberg, through Facebook. They met for the first time on April 11, 2013. And this December Lindberg will walk Faber down the aisle, FOX 9 says.

Faber's mother had a brief relationship with Lindberg when she was 19, but never told him she was pregnant. Faber only knew his name, but she was able to find him on the social networking site, according to FOX 9.

The two were separated by just two miles.

"You just go into it with no expectations," Faber told FOX 9. "That's what I had. The most I wanted was to find history and that's it. I ended up getting a heck of a lot."

Faber shared her story with FOX 9. Watch it here:


This isn't the first time people have used social media to make an important connection. Just last month, a woman who was left in the bathroom of a Burger King in a Pennsylvania when she was a baby used Facebook to find her birth mother. In March, a neighbors in Shakopee used Twitter to get in touch with the Raptor Center to help save two bald eagles who got tangled together. Also in March, a dog missing for 8 months was reunited with her Minnesota family.

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